Wednesday, 22 February 2012

the last 3 days


hmm, jujur, thesis ni sangat sangat memerah kesabaran saya sampai almost kering dah. now everything is messed up, ive told you doc, right from the beginning about this journal that uve been really interested on, it is just an experimental study. not yet has been implemented widely. ive given the copy for you to read at home, but guess, maybe u dont really pay too much focus on it.

now, sume dah bercelaru. and tadi, during our last meeting, im trying my best to explain it to you, tapi mcm asyik kena potong je. i dont deny, ure such a good mentor, but it wud be nicer if you really had a good understanding about the topic that ive been working on now.

sampailah tadi, balik je rumah, mengeluh sekuatnya masa terbaring. tak baik kan mengeluh? but  im in a great torture. saturday is my turn to present my case, yet until now, i cant even work on my powerpoints.

pheww. pheww. nak back off, nak give up, this is definitely not the time. oh Allah, You definitely know what ive been hoping the most now. please give me strength, extra strength, 3 days might sounds too late to some people who had finished theirs, way before me, but not me. i need some peace of mind and soul, to go thru this.

i dun mind being late, being less prepared, or anything that may put me in a worry state, but just please, let me pass this, lancarkan segala urusan, sampailah pada hari presentation. dan permudahkanlah, agar saya dapat lecturer penguji yang baik, and may all the questions that will be ask on that day, saya boleh jawab dengan baik.

Thank you Ya Rahim, I love you, ya Allah =)

positive yana, positive. alang alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan! ecehhh =P

pray for me yeh? for my presentation to run smooth, and everything falls right at its place. thank you.

take care. much love.

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