Wednesday, 22 February 2012

november rain

"patience with others, that is love. 
patience with self, that is hope. 
and patience with God, that is faith"

u may be tested with a lot of things, until to one extend, u cant even stand on your feet but just on your knees. please know, that is such a right position for you to lift up your hands and pray to Him.

and just a gentle reminder, for you and me. instead of making prayers and just askings,  for helps,  for strength, for success, and what not, let us spare some time to thank Him, say thanks for the blessings, for the love and for the fact that everyday, He never forgot to wake us up, giving us the chance to be better than yesterday.

recently, my patience level had really really been tested. sometimes i broke down. i have to admit that. i cried. almost everyday i called my mum and cried. but at the end of the day, before i went to sleep, i set something in my heart, no matter what will happen tomorrow, i hope Allah will ease my way. 

yes, this is about my thesis. those who are close knew the story. i almost give up, but Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me the strength to endure this, and now im eligible to seat for my february presentation and insya Allah will grad for my theory years in April, together with the others =) i almost thought that i cudnt make it, seriously. with the topics kept on changing, me falling sick, my mentor herself. but guess i did my best, because my principle is that, for something that i really want, i will always make sure, ive given my very best to it, at least, if it doesnt happen according to what i want, then i can nod and say "maybe that is my fate". at least ive put some effort to it.

and i do believe, nothing comes easy in this life =)

for the pain, the hurts, the tests and everything, i know this things are nothing than just shaping me to be a better person. what doesnt kill you, will make you stronger. 

random writings, but this is what that comes sincerely from the heart. tataulah kenapa, skrg ni, banyak menda semua nak involve hati. berfikir pun, instead of pakai akal, hati pun kadang-kadang nak sibuk =P

okay, dah pukul 12. study time! good nite people. sweet dreams. much love.

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