Sunday, 19 February 2012

the opening


after quite a long silence, hiding away from any means of social networking (except twitter =P) and after settle-ing the burdensome thesis (literally settle lah tapi), NOW IM BACK!

hello blog, being missing u so much. seriously. lepas ni boleh kembali mempot pet di blog, whining here and there, pondering thots and opinions, sharing views and pictures.

and not to mention, updating my friends with what ive been up to. i deactivated my facebook anyway, and i dont have any plan of re-activating it in a short time. maybe later or maybe never again.

theres a huge reason why i choose to open a new blog actually, but take it this way, which ive once mentioned before in my former blog, there are things that i thought of just letting them stay there, safely. but as for now, still saya bukak lagi, just to inform about the new link. but soon, it'll be privated forever.

so here's the blog. we can get in touch here. and to strangers, hello, let us be friends! teehee!

turn over a new leaf. to be better. to be wiser =)

ecehh, konon pakai warna plain putih suci bersih ni, budget matang wiser lah yeh yana? nahhh, still the same childish, talkative, clumsy me. its just that suka warna2 soft skrg ni, pastel colors, rasa masuk dengan jiwa.

please say hi, would really love to hear something from you. much love. good nite.


NurulAsyikinAziz said...

hai yana :)

I smell freshie yana here. hehehe

ynamran said...

hello syikin :)

haha. tataulah tuh. haish awak, mana pegi?

anak abah said...

hello..saya Nadia. :)
selamat berkenalan..

alia shahira said...

Hai kak yana! Hehehe btw I suggest you buat pop up comment lah. lagi senang huhu.

ynamran said...

anak abah : hye nadia, nama saya liyana. nama awak je sedap, awak ni mesti cantek kan? nak berkenalan jugak lah ngan awak, hye! =D

alia : hee. done sayang. ikot ckp awak ni ha ;)

.nana. said...

kyanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! rindu si kakak cantik! =)

ynamran said...

hello nanaaaaa! hee, sorry mia sbntr. but now dah back to write! hee. miss you too =)

cik kumbang said...

yeay yana is back... :)