Tuesday, 28 February 2012

sweet escape, yay!

assalamualaikum =)

this is one of the most awesome monday ive ever had! haha. with nothing to be worried, enjoying my free time till the end of the day, and knowing the fact that, tomorrow ill be waking up to my quick planned sweet escape. yayyy!

ill be off to bandung with my housemates (except ieda, no worries ieda, definitely ull be missed! hee) and another 2 guy friends. last minute punye plan, but i hope everything runs as what we have planned. hee! duit sengkek actually, but mengenangkan, once we've entered the clinical years, we'll be spending a lot of money to our patients, maka sweet escape ini adalah harus. at least, as a reward for all the hardworks that we'd put to our thesis kan?

so will be back on thursday. see u soon, with lots of pictures insya Allah. im super excited walaupun dah bape kali pegi bandung, but Kawah Putih x penah sampai lagi. im a happy kid seriously =D

~ kawah putih ~

take care everyone. be good. gudnite. sweetdreams. much love =)

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