Wednesday, 7 March 2012

beautifully written

please read it here .

my friend wrote this very beautifully and sincerely, until my tears rolled down on my cheeks as i read it. subhanallah, how sweet both of them aite?

yes, taking out a denture from someone's mouth with your bare hands are really something. sebab orang akan geli kot, air liur sangat banyak. but love really conquers the heart of this old man for his wife until semua tuh dia x peduli dah. tak lah bermaksud kalo x sanggup pegang gigi palsu pasangan kita, maksudnya x sayang. sebab even my grandparents, my grandma especially, die even tgk atok rendam gigi palsu die dlm cawan pun die dah geli geleman. haha. tapi, true much, it is really something. i dont know how do you guys think about this, but thats my personal opinion about it.

and the fact that, the old man jaga isteri dia yang dementia tuh, sangat2 touched :'( i really really hope ill get a husband that will love me that much too. huu. nakkkk! walaupun dah banyak menda saya tak mampu, but he stills take care of me. and itu betul-betul memerlukan kasih sayang. i dun want a guy yang akan sayang bila saya mampu buat segala-galanya je, and give up on me when i cant. i want a guy who is always there for me, tho i pee in my pants, tho i forgot who he is, tho i defecate in my sarung or anything much more horrible than this, but he is still there, smile and never gave up on me. ada ke?

and ale's story dah membuatkan saya lagi teruja to own a prosthodontic clinic. yes, ive mentioned quite a lot of time about owning a paeds dental clinic with hello kitty as the theme, but if im not mistaken, for once ive said that another clinic that i do think of owning is a prosthodontic clinic. why? because it serves the old folks the most. and the old folks are cute :)))))  since i took prosthodontics for my thesis, so ive spent a lot of time in the prostho lab, seeing the seniors treating the old folks for the dentures, and tgk muka comel sorang2 atok2 and nenek2 ni sangatlah menenangkan hati. comel je. kadang-kadang lama sgt procedure dorg, sampai tertido2 dekat dental chair. and bile org kejut, bangun2 terus senyum lebar, nampak tade gigi. hihihi :D comelll kannn?

ha comey cmni! pandai atok ni cover gigi dia :P tapi patient kat sini bukan omputehla of course. picture, courtesy of google :P

macam dulu my own atok had once whined to me about his dentures, tengah2 solat, nak bangun dari sujud nak baca al fatihah balik, tiba-tiba gigi palsu die tercabut and tertinggal. hihi. comel x atok saya? :D dia kata dia maluuuuuu sangat, lepas habes solat, cepat2 dia masukkan gigi dlm poket, pergi toilet, tapi org sebelah dia dah gelakkan2 dia. hehe. and masa atok saya cerita, he wanted me myself to repair his teeth but i said i cant, since i dont have the tools, and the only thing that i can do is to accompany him to the dentist, sebab when i take a look at his dentures while he was wearing it, i know which part that need to be repaired. atok nampak kecewa, maybe sbb die nak cucu die sendiri betolkan kot. but then i said, "nanti yana dah jadi doc gigi, nanti yana sendiri yang betulkan gigi atok kay?" and he smiled wideeeeee after that and nodded. 

and the smile tuh yang priceless. orang-orang tua yang nampak sgt helpless and sgt comel mengharap pada kita untuk gigi palsu dia tuh, yang wat hati saya tersentuh. sbb bila kita dapat tolong, dorg akan nampak sangat happy. and dorg adalah sangat comel. so nih la kot sbb nya, nape kdg2 ade jugak terlintas kat hati, nak amik specialist prostho. tapi to be honest, tak berapa sure mcm mana kat msia, tak specialist pun boleh wat gigi palsu agaknya, but maybe to case yang moderate kot. entahla. 

hee. lastly, from ale's lovely story, thats why ladies, we have to find a guy who loves us for who we are. if someone is about to walk out from your life, let them be, because if he loves u, he would stay. and the one who stays with you thru thick and thin, insya Allah, akan jaga kita selamanya. at least, find someone who loves you more than you do love him, and nanti boleh jadi mcm atok dan nenek comel dalam cite ale tadi :)

okay dah puas mengarut. hihi. nnt malam mengarut lagi. nak mimpi jadi tua dengan suami lah nanti, sebab nak nap jap. tata :))

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