Friday, 16 March 2012


tatau nak ltk tajuk ape sbnrnye. hee.  tak lrt nk menaip jugak, tp nk jugak tulis sikit dkt blog ni. demam, headache, selsema. tgh2 tido, hidung berdrh. pehal ntah.

today 1st day scaling patient, n skills masih sucks. hee. but tape, practice makes perfect kan? nnt isnin sambung lagi, but seriously im super duper happy that ive already entered the final phase before becoming a real doctor.

okay, kepala dah x lrt tunduk. take care, enjoy the weekends :)

good night, sweet dreams. much love. assalamualaikum.

p/s : ive just realised, that im back to be the girl who reads novel to sleep than having the late nite conversation. and im okay with that :)

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