Friday, 23 March 2012


it is very nice, if theres someone who will pat u on your back, and ask "are you okay?".
ive been keeping a lot of things behind these smiles.
if only u can understand.

for so many times ive tried to write, but at the end of it, i gave up. the mood for everything is everywhere.

to act strong while ure actually not, thats the hardest. but definitely, i wont stop  trying.
ya Allah, You heard my prayers. i hope just a lil bit, i can know the reasons why :(

sorry for acting foolishly, ive lied too much to myself already.
to act like i dont care to the thing that i care the most, phew.

and as for now, nothing is more convincing than the verse from Quran that says, Allah doesnt burden a person more than he can bear.

on another note, thank you busy-ness for distracting me a bit, i love my clinical years anyway.

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