Thursday, 8 March 2012

inspiring ladies


just to spill out a bit. ive come acrossed alot of inspiring ladies' blogs. then i come to think about these things.

1. if they can be one, why cant i?

2. they must have made mistakes too, before they earned such a great amount of successes. proven thru their writings. so liyana, theres nothing wrong for you to make some mistakes, stop blaming yourself.

3. i love dr harlina's blog, talking about her baby. hee!

4. nothing comes easily in this life. but the more u put your faith in God, insya Allah He will ease your pathways of life. bersangka baik dengan Allah itu penting.

5. being adored isnt all about having a pretty face. the way u talk, the way u present yourself thru your writings, the way u speak, the way u dress and what not, they do matter too :)

oh my, suddenly i felt a lil bit more mature than what i am always be :P i tend to think about my future more nowadays. no more butthurt when the waiter called me as ibu (makcik) instead of mbak (kakak). haha. mcm ala2 dah boleh menerima kenyataan lah, saya dah tua. boleh x mcm tuh?

okay, i dunno what craps that im trying to tell you. but, i think, im now in the transition phase, from an early adult to a real adult. haha. pape ntah yana.

i wanna be a new me, a more positive one. with that, i even asked my housemates to change the name that they usually used to call me. from yana to anne. oh man, does anne sound more adult-ish? hahaha. crap!

last nite, we wore this kind of outfits, to watch movies with syazu and tirah. while the rest were wearing jeans, but we wore something that made us look like as we are the teachers who just came back from school, straight away rushed for movies to chill up ourselves :P 
mcm warden cari budak fly pegi mall pun ade jugak. haha.

okay, dah puas mengarot. goodnite everyone. sweetdreams. take care :)

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