Monday, 5 March 2012

setting up the positivity!

" i spread my wings, and ill learn how to fly, 
i'll do what it takes till i touch the sky,
and i'll make a wish, 
take a chance,
make a change and breakaway..

out of the darkness and into the sun, 
but i wont forget all the ones that i love,
i'll take a risk,
take a chance,
make a change, 
and breakaway.. "

cantikkan dalam dulu, liyana. then only the outer will automatically turns out to be beautiful too.
hee! cuti sudah habis bro! tomorrow, start balik all the kuliahs for a week.
and next, ill be entering the clinical life. phew. chuak seyh.

ya Allah, i seek for your guidance, eases me with everything. 
for my deepest faith that i have in You, i believe that, regardless what will happen in the future, You always know best :)

oh itu my favourite venice! my own definition of beautiful when it comes to a place :D 

my current desktop punya kertas dinding. so all the time ill be like O_O tgk tempat ni. teehee!

goodnite semua. sweet dreams. much love.

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