Monday, 12 March 2012

tomorrow is the day!

assalamualaikum :)

what a tiring sunday. my body doesnt feel that good these past few days, prolly because of the weather. well, just now, i went to Mangga Dua, to meet my aunty. went there alone, with all the miscommunications that happened between both of us, i end up tawaf 3 buildings and only at the last one i met her. oh my. Mangga Dua is super crowded, especially at the ITC. but nevermind, that is how it always was. when someone that i knew came here, especially family, no matter how short the meeting will be, ill try to spare some time to meet them. why?

because i just feel good when i meet someone who is dear to me :)

and tomorrow is gonna be my first day of my clinical years. for the first cycle, i got pedodontics and periodontics departments. huu. pedodontics is among the hardest, according to the seniors, but nevermind, ive promised myself ill give my best to this. wish us luck okay? :)

and a confession to be made, though most of my friends had already be in the anxious state of going to the clinics tomorrow, i wonder why i didnt feel anything yet. weird. perhaps maybe ive set in my mind, usually the 1st week of cycle, most of us wont do that much works, will be focusing more to the discussions and some briefings. ya Allah, i hope i get a nice lecturer as my mentor.

okay, thinking about the mentor, i suddenly felt butterflies in my stomach. hihi. hey chill lah liyana, things gonna be alrites, have faith and work hard :)

alrites, guess i need to get some rest. my body wasnt at its best today. tomorrow is going to be such a long day, dental instruments hunting, meeting amer nun jauh di jakarta barat. huu. so good nite everyone, sweet dreams, take care.

tamo monday blues okay esok? :P *pesan dekat diri sendiri jugak sbnrnyer*

p/s : nothing in this world is truly yours liyana. no matter how much u think u deserve a thing or a person, u just dont know, what do u actually want might be someone else's. why? because u dont know what the future beholds. so keep calm and pray hard okay liyana? :)

to all the ones that got away from me.
i just miss all of you :'(

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