Sunday, 8 April 2012

just saying


have you ever heard of this phrase?

"fall in love when youre ready, NOT when youre lonely"

so basically, this is why i choose to stay one then getting back in two again. why fall in love, if your real intention is just to fill up the empty space, without you yourselves are ready to commit? i dont do scandal and i dont even like this scandal thingy.

i dont go and fall in love, just for nothing. for each relationship that i commit to, theres always a hope to make it forever, but after all, certain things didnt work on like what i wish for. and i am redha. cause i know Allah knows best.

so to whom it may concern, stop judging, stop saying this and that. as the phrase had stated it clearly, ill fall in love whenever im ready, never because im lonely. and for now, its hard for me to start it again, how can i love someone else whole heartedly if my heart itself isnt at its whole to start with?

simple isnt it? i actually had enough of hearing this and that. dont push me, despite the distance or what, just dont push me. and i would very much appreciate it if you get my words this time.


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