Tuesday, 8 May 2012

thank god for this one beautiful friend of mine :)

i was sitting in front of the tv, bila tuan rumah saya datang ketuk pintu.
i thot die nak bagi resit bayar duit sewa rumah, but alih2, die bagi surat.
and it was named after me.

aish, pelik. but looking at the envelope, mcm someone give me card.
waaaaaa, dah sonok dah!
then terus nak unseal. and cm x sabar sgt to know who is the sender, saya check stamp dia.
oh myyyyy, dari deutschland! from german okay!

then i straight away know sape dia punya sender and lagi semangat nak bukak :D

ya Allah,
thank you so much for blessing me with this one beautiful lady in my life,
true that, masa sekolah, kitorg tak berapa nak rapat, but adelah tegur2, especially sbb both of us ketua dorm masa tuh,
having her is such a bliss,
her endless supports, advices, companions,
all are priceless!
for she always being there to hear me, to comfort me,
what else should i wish when i already have the perfect one :)

dear belle, thanks alot for the card,
yana appreciate sangat, dari jauh2 susah2 hantar,
but the card really made my day,
and the words pun,
sebak yana baca,
but seriously,
thank you for you never leave me,
and insya Allah,
semoga persahabatan kekal selamanya. amin :)

and thats my belle in pink kurung :)
love you girlfriend! hee!

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nadhirahahmadtarmizi said...

belle memang sweet sgt...may this lovely friendship remains forever..