Wednesday, 20 June 2012

a new experience :D

assalamualaikummm :D

dah tengok tak video tuh? hee, this is what i do today! :D weeee, seronok. mcm yang saya penah btau, this time im in the oral surgery punya cycle, which means this is the first time saya akan cuba cabut gigi :)

so there u go, for this cycle ade beberapa requirement nak kena settle. 10 infiltration nye bius, 10 block nye bius, cabut gigi 20 batang. pheww. i dont think senang kitorg nak settlekan requirement ni dgn secepat mungkin, since bulan puasa is coming very soon kan, sure patient x nak cabut gigi.

so the procedure is that, before we can keja, kitorg kena sort of do some discussions first about anesthesia and also exo which is cabut gigi lah. just to make sure we know everything about these procedures before kitorg can start keja. so for now, im done with the anesthesia nye discussion, so tadi first time nak inject betul2 pada org. hee. nervous, but alhamdullilah, everythings fine :)

so another step to be a dentist is done! :)

on the other hand, smlm pegi jalan2. and im wearing the jumpsuit yang masa beli excited nak mampus. sampai rumah, i was like "errr, okay, bila nak pakai ni? gila bapak biru warna dia! taulah, yana ni warna die warna dull2 je, tade den berani pakai kaler shocking2 ngat ni" :P

and i can say, eh best lah pakai jumpsuit,selesa. tho yang smlm nye is a bit cm heh sket, sbb kain die lembut. so maybe can find yang kain chiffon or cotton ke kan. but cm biasalah, susah nak carik yang fit my height, but hey, at least dah try kannnn and i loveeeee it! :D

ehemm,  termatching pulekkk :P

hee, ni bakal ade kat legoland malaysia yang bakal bukak tuh. die nye roller coaster! saya dah naik dulu!
kebetulan ade promo die wat kat sini. hee!

jumpsuit is awesome! shud put my eyes on them some more ;)

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