Sunday, 29 July 2012


assalamualaikum :)

lately, im so in the mood of updating my blog. kejap-kejap menulis, kejap-kejap menulis lagi.

this time, just wanna share about the book that ive just finished reading it today. Aleph by Paulo Coelho. if i were to rate this book lah kan, out of 5, i wud give 4.75 to it. i dunno. maybe because its been  a while since i last read a novel. tho before this saya memang gila novel.

its not that i never read paulo coelho's writings, before Aleph, saya penah baca the winner stands alone. its a good novel too, but guess Aleph lebih berkesan dekat hati. maybe some of the lines cm suits my situation and somehow answering some of my confusions.

people, if u were about to find a good book to read, i would highly recommend you to buy Aleph. if u love a novel without too much romance, lebih kepada kehidupan, then this is what u shud buy lah.

so, im about to start to read his another book, the zahir. i hope it'll be as good as this one too :)

entahla. baca novel ni really helps me dalam mengisi masa2 saya terluang. i bring this book everywhere i go. kdg2 dalam bus, dalam taxi, boring tatau nak watpe, so i read it. kat clinic bila bosan tade patient pun sama. and entah, suka lah! :D and even my mum pun ckp, dah nampak cm yana yang dulu, yang kdg2 boleh lost dalam dunia dia sendiri bila dia dah mula baca novel :)

"spiritual growth doesnt always arrive had-in-hand with wisdom"

"suffering comes from desire, not from pain"

"what hurts us is what heals us," she said. "life has been very hard on me, but at the same time, it has taught me a great deal. you cant see it but my body is covered in open wounds that are constantly bleeding."

"the light falls only on the stranger."

"words are tears that have been written down. tears are words that need to be shed."

goodnight :)

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