Saturday, 14 July 2012

just a short note :)


dear thumb toe,

its been a while u know since i last walked to any place more than 100 metres. i was absent from school for 4 days because i cant walk. no, im not blaming you, it was my fault either for not knowing the correct way of cutting my nails. boo me! :P but tomorrow, i really wish if i can go back to the campus, you know, ive got a lot of assignments to be settled and yes, my requirements are lesser than my other colleagues.

i do hope u spare some sympathy towards me, im alrite if you gonna go a bit nyut2 tomorrow, cos until now u still are, but just please, lets work together. i wont give to much force to the foot, but allow me to work whenever i have to. nothing much, just some discussions and some medical records to be attend.


i know, the campus is quite far from the house if i were to walk to the campus tomorrow. ill try to find a beca, so we can reach the campus by it. please dear thumb toe, i miss school. im just bored staying at home doing nothing. im not the type of girl who loves to just sit there and doing nothing, u know me well, arent you?

alrites thumb toe, lets have some rest. tomorrow i'll wake up a bit early and gonna eat that pain killer, so that it'll work by the time im about to go to the campus. thank you, you know i love you aite?

with love,
yours truly :)


sounds crazy arent i talking to my own thumb toe? but yea, i feel good that way, some sort of comforting my ownself to be a bit tough tomorrow.

you know what, i have too many things that i drafted in my mind, too many things to spill out here, but its just that i got stucked when it comes to expressing it with words. but definitely, would write something about it, its just the matter of time. weekends sounds nice i guess :)

ive been reading this for this past 4 days, such a good material to be digest by us the muslimah. please, dont hesitate to download it, or maybe u can simply read it online-ly. click here to join me reading it :)

im so excited in welcoming Ramadhan. ya Allah, give me the chance to feel the blessings of Ramadhan and all the privileges that You have stick with it. make me a better person Ya Rabb, truly from the heart. cos i know, whatever that comes purely from the heart, those are the things that will last long. bless me with the istiqamah, i just wanna be a better slave of You from day to day. insya Allah :)

good nite, assalamualaikum~

p/s : i just love the one that has been tweeted by Denabaharin, the tweet goes like this :

" i told them to stay and they leave, 
so i asked Allah to open my heart for people whom by chance came into my heart, 
and decided to stay "

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