Sunday, 5 August 2012

special post for our hero :')

dont be sad hero, we are still proud of you! *28millions group hugs*
i didnt manage to get back to my room on time for the first 2 set, but luckily i was able to watch the final set.
seriously, all of us did witness, how hard LCW was trying to maintain his performances,
losing was never an option though,
consider that this time, again, luck wasnt on his side.

but his spirit, i think the other athletes should idolize him.
the fact that he knew himself that everyone was putting mountains of hopes on him for the gold medal,
*ignore about the baskin robbin thingy*
the moment lin dan was screaming out loud of his victory,
LCW sat down and couldnt hold his tears anymore.

so do i :'(

dont worry LCW, we salute you still,
and you are always the hero, dato :)

and to those who keep on bragging about the baskin robbin tak dapat lah hapelah,
nak je saya sumbat aiskrim mesia kat mulut masing-masing,
biar patriotik sket lepas makan aiskrim mesia tuh.

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