Saturday, 8 September 2012



i hope this post ends nicely, so that it wont stucked up in my drafts like others. teehee.

looking back at the previous post, and i was like,

"whoooaaaa, lamaaa gilaaa tak update! syawal is about to arriveee??? apekahhhh?!"

haha, syawal is about to leave us dah, another 10 days to go. and im taking this opportunity to ask for forgiveness from all of you, whom i mite hurt thru my writings, or to those whom i always get connected to, by any means other than thru this blog, sorry and please forgive me.

to share my eid's story, dah rasa mcm outdated sangat dah. plus, my eid this year tatau kenapa, terasa mcm ade kurang, guess it was all because during the last 10 days of ramadhan, i wasnt able to fast, cant terawih, such a big lose aite? :( sigh. but still i do pray if i could get  the benefits of lailatul qadar, insya Allah.

oh but this year, mcm seronok, cos macam ramai datang rumah this year. friends and relatives. we received alot of guests, and kat situ dapat jugakla merasa suasana raya. baju kurung sampai x menang tangan nak pakai. baju x raya pun we wore masa nak melayan tetamu. hee.

so now im back to my routine. back to clinic. dengan cycle yang sangat hectic. pheww. baru masuk seminggu, tapi banyak menda dah serabutkan kepala otak ni. and i have to sort it out one by one. help me ya Rabb, i dunno why im getting myself nervous, im so worried, i spend hours before sleeping thinking bout this and that, those matters yang very disturbing.

studies, clinics, patients, environments, feelings. sometimes i wanted to share it with my friends and family, but most of the time, mcm ada je obstacles yang datang. i cant be selfish, not everybody have time just to hear my stories, so i whispered to myself, im a grown up person, i should know how to handle it all by myself :)

things arent getting easier, seriously. but i pray to Allah everyday, make me wiser and stronger. 

okay, wordless. shud stop here. please pray for me, im losing myself all of sudden. and i hope this thing ends soon. doakan perjalanan klinik me and my friends dipermudahkan. dealing with people isnt easy, i told you. it wrenches every bits of sabar that u own.

Allah kelak akan memberikan kelapangan setelah kesempitan
(surah At-Talaq, ayat 7)

putus asa bukan sifat orang islam. theres a reason why u are in the path to be a dentist, yana. theres also at least a reason, why uve been tested again and again over a thing that you are at the weakest point of it. because Allah is training you to be better and better, you cant have a rainbow without the rain.

so take a deep breath. keep calm and be strong :)

take care everyone, assalamualaikum ~

everyday i wake up, with this picture as the wallpaper on my phone,
i said to myself,
i'll do it for Allah, and ill do it for them.
i miss you umi and abah :(

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