Tuesday, 30 October 2012

a sweet escape :)

meninggalkan jakarta untuk ke pangandaran di aidiladha. hihi.
will update about it in details soon :)

on the other hand, ive went thru the 28th of october with a mixed feelings,
very undefined,
staring blankly at the beach in front of me.

it wasnt easy to persuade a broken heart,
but as what that have been stated in one of the hadith Qudsi,
"Allah is with those whose heart is broken"
so lets keep a strong faith in that
*tho obviously its very hard for me*
things will get better soon :)

i have another date to be faced with a strong heart,
fuhhh :')

things will be okay.
time will heal.
rainbow is on its way.

*shed tears*

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