Sunday, 7 October 2012



im planning to update the blog this morning actually, tapi today is seriously my lazy sunday. segala-galanya malas and just simply lay down on bed or spent my time watching the old episodes of running man.

nothing much actually, rasa seperti nak menulis. i have a strange likings lately. something that related to fashion.

everyday i spend about 3 hours browsing thru the online shop, checking on the clothes. without any intention to buy them . hee.

ive been digging thru the fashionista's blog, and tak habis-habis memuji dorg and wonder, where on earth they got all the money to buy all those clothes sbb hari-hari update blog about what they wear on that particular day but why takde satu pun baju yang saya penah tgk sama? =/

then, stuck in front of the lappie watching all the tutorials on how to wear shawl like this and like that. but seriously, im too lazy to wear shawl these days. just love to see them. and pastu terfikir jugak, "eh apehal dorg wat tutorial ni mcm senang gila nak pakai, but bila aku try ms raya tuh, lama nak mampuih tak elok2 pun mcm dorg?"

lepas tuh, duk tgk jovian mandagie punya collections dekat the poplook hari-hari wpun dia tak update pun collections. admiring them and then close the tab.

ape lagi eh? ohh, shawl shasmeen! me love! dah banyak kay designs yang ade. i wish to have some of them despite the expensive price.

but at the end of the day, i just comfort myself,

"yana, awak tuh jauh, u cant buy that. u dont own that much money. and seriously, u always buy things that at last end up just nice in the wardrobe, maybe pakailah skali dua, pastu jadi tukun je"

then, i close the tabs and sleep. hihi. tomorrow bangun, do the same thing again and again.

for gods sake, i salute those ladies yang sangat rajin bergaya, wearing this and that and look nice. without too much make ups and accessories, enough by just playing with colors. bonus for the pastel ones :)

and me? my latest fashion tho it wasnt fashion pun actually..

dulu i can duduk depan cermin about 30mins nak buat shawl jadi muncung x nak melekap,
but now, i prefer dia melekap tho my head looks nothing diff to a globe.

well, let me share some links yang i always get myself stucked on :

2) proud duck ( the owner of fashion valet punya blog) 

ha cukuplah tuh, tho actually banyak lagi. hee. good nite! :)

p/s : this dental course is wrenching all the patience and strength out of me. but thank Allah, i have Him to bring me thru these :)

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