Sunday, 14 October 2012

shop pop!

ive been watching the episodes of "Dress Me Up, Fashion Valet" on the youtube, and most of the guests came out with almost the same reason "we dont have time to shop, so we prefer to do it online!"

well, good news!

a friend of mine just open up an online shop, selling tops and bottoms. the El Ideal Closet.

if im not mistaken, the shop was revealed to the public, just about 3 to 4 days ago. so maybe they are still limited in stocks, but seriously what do they have now is somehow very eye catching :D

the peplum dress? i bet everyone is familiar with this phenomenal dress, cos since raya i think, ive been hearing people talking about this peplum thingy. to be honest, for quite some time ive been searching for the peplum which is quite long since most of them fall just nice above my butt. i x selesa u olls. thank God El Ideal Closet comes out with a good design of peplum and it caters all the needs that i want for my peplum! :DD

heres the ayra long peplum dress!
isnt it beautiful? it can fit people from size S-L
so maybe boleh beli, share adik beradik kalo banyak adik2 perempuan mcm2 saiz mcm saya :D
the jersey material that they used surely will help the top falls just nice to your body :)

so next, if ure in the dilemma of wanting to buy a skirt or a pants, well,their poppy palazzo mite can help you to resolve the confusion :D just like what theyve wrote in their description for this pants :

" sekali pandang mcm skirt, dua kali pandang, oh palazzo rupenye, 
tiga kali pandang, oh cantiknyaaa, beli kat manaaa? "

curlasss description u eydot :P hihi. having few colors to be chosen from, beli ni lagi best, cos it can fit S - XL, haaaa, maybe its time to do some good deeds, apart from your siblings, maybe this time you can share your pants with your erm..mummy too? :DD  haa. sure die terharu.

tantekk kannn baby blue ni! me love! :))

looking for a skirt that can make u look like a princess? hee, i suke pwincess2 look ni, eheee! Suri Maxi Skirt is a must have piece, girls! especially for those who loves to tuck in their shirt or blouse, because this skirt comes with a sash. pwetty ribbons that can make u look all fabulous by having a combination of a lady-like yet cute style! im planning to get this one for myself too!

tadaaaaaa! nice isnt it? suitable for formal occasions and also for your casual wear :)
4 colors available : red, mustard, black and blue.

ohh i almost forgot about another peplum they have here, if u mite not like the long peplum like i do, maybe alyssa chiffon peplum will suit u better then :) they come with a sash, where worry not about your size, u can simply tie it up acoording to your waist and it will definitely look nice on you. and im not sure about others, but i think this blouse does have a mini kimono look too. ye ke eh?

the alyssa chiffon peplum :)

so girls, why not, parked yourself for a while to El Ideal Closet and pamper your eyes with those beautiful attires they have. one good news, they are delivering all of these for free! semua free postage! untuk sesiapa yang suka berbelanja online mcm saya, a free postage adalah satu nikmat! :DD 

they'll be updating more stocks soon, and from what i heard directly from the owner, they are planning nak update the shasmeen sakura shawl too! aaaaaaaaaaaaa! i love that shawl for goodness sake! 

so friends, kindly need your help to like this page El Ideal Closet on facebook. if none of the current collections catches your eyes, its okay, do like the page first and who know their upcoming updates might be something that uve been looking for? haaa. kan senang tuh ;)

heres my eydot, one of the owner of the shop.
good luck with the business dodot!
dont worry, i will always be the potential buyer! haha :D

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