Tuesday, 9 October 2012

stressful moment!

anybody care to help?

one stressful moment this morning :

im running out of money, until i have to make that emergency call to umi and abah, asking them to cover some. okay fine.

so this morning i went to the ATM and withdrawl rm250, to cover my monthly expenses, i have to shrink all the needs to the REALLY NEED only so that it fits into the budget. i even had made plan to cut out the money for food, wanted to eat just one meal per day. sadis kan? 

and then i went straight to the campus. staying in the campus for about 4 hours, doing some works and yadayada. having to pay this and that.

so as i walked back home, since the weather is quite hot, so i decided to buy a cold drink. and guess what??


ya Allah, in one day, to be precise, in 4 hours, i spent nearly rm220 for patients, for all the dental lab thingy and what not, and now whats left is just rm30?!

so mana yang sebulan punya budget tuh mana mana manaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

aikendailaikdisyunoe! (-_-)"

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