Thursday, 18 October 2012

what a relief!

assalamualaikum :)

just got back from carrefour, and tell u what, we have bought a new washing machine! yayyy!

second good news is, its an AUTOMATIC washing machine! tak payah nak isi, buang air, isi lagi and kalau malas, tertdo kejap and end up punyalah lama basuh baju sebab malas ganti air.

third good news is we get the machine at a very good price, since carrefour is celebrating its anniversary! one lesson learnt today, apart of your parents anniversary, anniversary sekalian hypermarkets is something that you kena pay attention, because it caters a lot of benefits for the customers, teehee! :P

but of all the good news, the main one is alhamdulillah, hari ni scholar masuk! haha. setelah lama mengikat perut, finally, today we can go and spend for something that we wish for, other than just on what we  REALLY need. hee.

but one sad news is, our main road nak sampai ke depan rumah kena simen, so jalan tuh tak boleh lalu, so we are wondering and  are figuring out, macam mana nak sampaikan mesin basuh ke rumah =/ yang tinggal just jalan sempit je, kena angkat by hand washing machine tuh, kalo lalu jalan sempit yang ade banyak rumah2 rapat2 kat situ, boleh satu kampung tau kitorg beli washing machine baru. HAHA.

but nevermind, that sad news kite pikir besok jelah. hihi.

tadi before balik sempat pesan to the washing machine,

"have a gud rest tonite at the store, really u have to be prepared untuk kerja berat besok. semua orang punya baju menimbun!!" :P

okay, tho scholar dah masuk, still i need to plan my budget for this 3 months. i have lots of things to be paid, to be settled and i need to save some of the money. but seriously, susah benau nak tahan diri dari food.

see how many sushi yang saya makan just now.
and fyi, right after having these sushi,
i bought the crepes, ala2 hot and roll tuh,
and ate it right away too!

*looking at the tummy* 


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