Tuesday, 27 November 2012

hikmah belajar di indonesia :)

assalamualaikum. its been ages, for just opening the blog just to read those bloggers who have updated theirs, but not updating mine. hee.

nak kata busy, bolehla. but rasanya, precisely, im just lazy to write. too many things happened actually, but none of them i can put into words. so itulahnya. terbiar je.

clinical life is seriously stressful. too many things to handle, all at one time. boo me, im failed at multi tasking. so yeah. banyak gila kerja pending. mostly because the patients cant make time nak datang and wait for the dental chair to be unoccupied itu mcm aduhaiii. haih. its okaylah, hopefully ill settle down just in time. please pray for me :)

so this time, nak share pasal hari tu saya join this one charity program organized by non profit organization. actually one of my friend is part of the club, and since they are planning to do some dental check ups, so they need some of the co-ass dentists to help. and since i have nothing to do last sunday, so i agreed to join them :)

bukan tempat hebat2, diorang buat this charity untuk anak2 jalanan. held under the flyover, seriously, bila lori lalu pun bergegar. hoho. mmg they aim nak anak2 jalanan yang salu berkumpul bawah tuh datang, to seek for medical treatments and dental check ups as well. buat dekat grogol, jakarta barat. so with the help of Sahabat Anak punya society, we managed to get those kids untuk check ups.

sambil menda tuh berjalan, ada jugak dorg bukak class kat bawah jambatan tuh, ajar mcm2. ajar english, maths and so on. seriously, sayu je hati tgk. and from what i observed, budak2 ni semua mcm sukakan attention. tiba2 je dtg pada kitorg, manja2, peluk2, and of courselah dorg punya favourite, tanya pasal upin ipin.

since those dental works doctor yang take charge, saya just help with menggunting kad patient and do some admission. tolong agihkan patient nak ke bahagian cabut ke tampal ke. tgk betapa banyak nye patient kanak2 tuh teringat kitorg yang betapa susahnya nak dpt patients kanak2 untuk dental treatment. huu. untung sgt budak2 trisakti, sbb those yang x sempat dpt treatment, they were advised to go to trisakti untuk dptkan treatments tuh.

so let pictures do the talkings lah :)

waiting for the others to arrive and setting up the place :)

this is where kitorang sterile alat, selain guna disposable punya tools, so this is how kitorg sterile xnak bagi infections spread from mouth to mouth kan :)

kena admission, take photos and make some medical records.

le friends diagnosing the teeth :D

my partner that day, xena from bandung :)

see, ramai yang datang untuk pengubatan percuma. bila lagi kan. banyak pahala dorg yang organize ni.most of them really need the treatment.

no dental chair. suntik bius, cabut mcm tuh je. hehe

this is the section dorg buat sesi pembelajaran. mcm2. buat mcm ala2 study groups.

satu je mobile unit menyebabkan banyak tampalan tak dapat dibuat. huu. luckily trisakti is near. so they were transfered there.

inez and xena :)

si kecik, favourite saya!

sooo much different dgn patients yang kitorg bayar untuk mereka dtg for treatment.
menangis ape sume. but these kids hebat, dorg rilekk habis!

betul2 bawah jambatan kan :) atas tuh lori keta motor ape sume lalu.

balik tuh, sambil baring nak tunggu mata lelap, somehow saya bersyukur i was born dengan keperluan hidup yang cukup. mungkin x mewah, tp alhamdulillah setiap apa yang saya perlukan, umi and abah always akan cuba penuhi. thank you Allah for the rezeki and blessings.

be grateful, regardless how worse u think ur life is, remember, there are people out there who wish to have a life like you :)

take care everyone. will update more kalau ada free time lagi :)

Monday, 5 November 2012

aku terima nikahnya

surprisingly, i didnt cry watching that movie. 

and i have this song on replay :)

take care, have a nice day!

Friday, 2 November 2012

ai iz happy :)

assalamualaikum :)

tiba-tiba excited gila nak update, after dapat invitation kawin meyob ngan iffah.

wahhh, ramai kawan yang nak kawin dalam masa terdekat ni, november and december :D but sadly, semuanya date yang awal dari date saya balik mesia. sobs. but thats not the point, kirim doa pun boleh dr jauh, yang penting, semoga jodoh mereka berkekalan hingga ke syurga.

im very sure, next year lagi berduyun-duyun invitation akan dapat. now i shud start buat hobby, collect kad kawin!  tataulah, but seriously excited, nak plak sume yang mcm quite rapat plak tuh. ya Rabb, permudahkanlah urusan mereka. aminn.

well, in a diff case, ive found one nice dua from tumblr, and why not i share it here kan? :)

O God, please grant me the one,
who will be the garment for my soul,
who will satisfy half of my deen,
and in doing so make me whole.

make him righteous and on your path,
in all he'll do and say,
and sprinkle water on me at fajr,
reminding me to pray.

may he earn from halal sources,
and spend within his means,
may he seek God's guidance always,
to fulfill all his dreams.

may he always refer to Quran,
and the sunnah as his moral guide,
may he thank and appreciate god,
for the woman at his side.

may he be conscious of his anger,
and often fast and pray,
be charitable and sensitive,
in every possible way.

may he honor and protect me,
and guide me in this life,
and please God! make me worthy,
to be his loving wife.

and finally Oh God,
make him abundant in love and laughter,
in taqwa and sincerity,
in sriving for the hereafter.


this may take a long time, but i know insya Allah it'll worth all the waits :)

goodnite, assalamualaikum ~