Sunday, 27 January 2013

we plan, Allah plans, but Allah's plan is always the best :)

assalamualaikum :)

whoaaa, rajin pulop lately ni menghapdet blog. too much leisure time kot since campus cuti for almost two weeks. and the school is back to operate like normal (insya Allah) by tomorrow. tahu kan ape perasaan dia bila org dah lama cuti, suddenly kena kerja balik?

yes, malas! T_T

but realising the fact that cycle dah nak habis, i have about just a month left, a month yang hanya ade 28 hari (too bad), so seriously i have to work hard to settle this prosthodontics lab. seriously. with another 3 cases left, i know some said its quite impossible to finish it within that one month, but come on, xkan nak give up sebelum cuba kan.

so tadi petang, dengan bersemangatnya, buat planning. so that at least i can get a clear view of my plan. and thank God kalo semuanya smooth, akan settle semua tuh. just kena pray hard, my campus nye condition dah okay, my health is always at its best, and patients sume being cooperative.

hah siap bagi semangat untuk diri sendiri lagi. hihi. pray for me please, somehow its like a small battle for me now nak settlekan all the requirements before the cycle ends on 3rd march nanti. still tade patient untuk bridge, but sokay, tomorrow kite hunt yeh yana? :) doa banyak2 semoga dipermudahkan. 

no matter what that might happen in between, still i believe, maybe that is the best thing for me that He has planned. and you yana, dun be a lazy girl. anyone seeing me lazying around, please slap me! seriously.

all the best batchmates, lets work hard! 


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sabrina said...

GO YANA GO !!!!!