Friday, 15 November 2013

jadi orang yang suka banyak sangat benda pun payah jugak kadang-kadang =/

these past few days, my mind went nowhere except to this matter. on what im going to wear on that day. what color. dress or kurung or maybe kebaya? searching, google-ing, pinterest-ing. do they help? yea a bit, but i get confused even more. duh.

so yesterday, i went out to buy the materials, as i dont think i have much time left. and as expected, i ended up buying things that had never crossed my mind before. i was aiming for chiffon, but as soon as i saw a lot of type of chiffons (not to mention the colors), then i went just "naahhh, not chiffon lah kot".

even the choice of colors changed. and i regret it. haha. well, thats just so me. buying and regretting it later at home.

but at least, this time, after having the materials and the colors, somehow it helps. at least i can narrow down the searchings according to what i own now. too bad, the materials, tho they are nice, but i can just think for few designs that suit the materials well.

phew. am i thinking too much? or maybe im just being too fussy?

*take a chill pill*

"less is more, less is more liyana..."

till then. toodles.


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